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Medical Dialogue engages the public and  current and aspiring medical professionals in a dialogue themed on the importance of various disciplines on the delivery of quality healthcare. We encourage inquiries in the science, art, and humanity aspects of medicine through both oral and written discourses.


The Medical Dialogue Review (MDR)
MDR is not meant to publish highly-technical findings. Instead, it encourages current healthcare providers, students, researchers, patients, and the general public alike to discuss socially significant medical issues in layperson language. The Medical Dialogue Review also welcomes a range of artwork inspired by medicine and healing as part of the publication. We publish two issues per year.

Discussion Series and General Meetings
Throughout the year, members of Medical Dialogue organize into groups to discuss subjects including ethics, scientific discoveries, classic works of medical literature, the patient experience, and history of medicine. These groups are often led by either a knowledgeable student or an expert on one topic.

Medical Dialogue Symposia
These annual events feature experts within a range of disciplines. Each symposium seeks to enlighten a diverse audience about one specific theme in healthcare.

Medical Arts and Poetry

Medical Dialogue helps artists submit their medically relevant artworks for the promotion of alternate expressive forms in medicine or to raise funds for a specific medical issue. We also encourage other people who are interested in the arts to help appreciate its role in medical science and the patient experience.



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